07.10.2008 - The Heino Teder Grant was awarded by RMK to EULS students Priit Põllumäe and Mats Varik 05.10

In order to support education in forestry, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) established the grant named after Heino Teder; the first grants were awarded to Priit Põllumäe and Mats Vaarik, master's candidates at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS).

“The grants are provided for facilitating master’s studies, as the number of people pursuing master’s studies has recently been low, and we wish to contribute to the training of highly qualified forestry specialists,” said Tiit Timber, Member of Management Board of RMK. “RMK awards two EEK 50 000 grants to memorialise the legendary forestry spokesperson Heino Teder, who always stood for the well-being of higher education in forestry and who was the chairman of the defence committee for Diploma theses,“ Timberg added.

The grants will be awarded for one year and will be transferred to the students in EEK 5000 instalments. A total of 15 applications were received for the grant competition. The awarding of grants was based upon the ranking presented by the Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The grant committee includes Tiit Timber, Member of the Management Board of RMK, Paavo Kaimre, Director of the Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering, and Priit Pajuste, representative of the Joosep Toots Foundation Fund.

RMK has established another grant as well. This year, on 23 August, a contract was entered into with Luua Forestry School, according to which RMK will allocate EEK 30 000 each year to the Luua Forestry School grant fund. The grant was named after Toomas Ehrpais and is paid each year to one student enrolled in daytime study at Luua Forestry School.

There were five grant applicants and on the basis of the decision of the committee, Rivo Fomotškin, a fourth year student in Forest Management, was chosen as the recipient of the grant for the present study year. In addition to great progress in studies, Rivo has also attended professional competitions and represented the school at several sporting contests.

The purpose of the cooperation agreement between RMK and Luua Forestry School is the popularisation of fields related to forestry, increasing the motivation of students studying forestry and the wish to contribute to ensuring a qualified labour force for RMK.

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