06.03.2008 - Operations managers for forestry improvement appointed at RMK  10.10

In the field of forest management, the following persons will assume office as operations managers for forestry improvement at the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) on 1 July 2008:

1. Ülo Lindjärv / current forester of Kärdla forest district
2. Enn Raav current forester of Märjamaa forest district
3. Karl Ruukel / current forester of Lodja forest district
4. Taivo Lehesmets / current forester of Kõpu forest district
5. Romet Riiman / current assistant forester of Kohtla forest district
6. Villu Alatsei / current forester of Käru forest district
7. Maie Rummel / current forester of Avinurme forest district
8. Rein Kilgi / current forester of the South-East Region
9. Meris Süsta / current specialist at Valga forest district
10. Küllike Kuusik / current forester of Vara forest district

The work of the operations managers for forest improvement will be coordinated by Margus Reimann as the new manager for forestry improvement (current forester of Ahtme forest district of RMK).

In the new structure, the operations managers for forestry improvement will organise the management of forestry improvement investments and the maintenance of forestry improvement objects – forest paths and draining systems – at RMK.

Additional information:
Tavo Uuetalu
Member of Management Board of RMK
gsm +372 504 5069