04.04.2008 - Elistvere Animal Park to be managed by RMK 10.10

At the meeting held today, on 4 April, in Tartu, the Management Board of the Estonian Society of Foresters accepted the offer of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), on the basis of which Elistvere Animal Park will now be managed by RMK.

In parallel with the transfer of the right to manage Elistvere Animal Park, the Management Board of the Estonian Society of Foresters forwarded to RMK the proposal of the council of Tabivere Rural Municipality to enter into a tripartite cooperation agreement for the further development of the animal park.

The details of the transfer of the administrative right of the park will be agreed upon in the coming months and the transfer is planned to be completed by 1 July, at the latest. In managing Elistvere Animal Park, which so far has been funded on a per project basis, RMK will consider the development plan completed this year, stipulating the main directions in the development of the park until the year 2013. The employees of the park do not have to worry about future changes, as the precondition of the Estonian Society of Foresters when transferring the animal park to RMK was that all employees could keep their positions.

RMK is interested in managing and developing Elistvere Animal Park, as this allows for the diversification of the provided opportunities for nature education.

Additional information:
Marek Mühlberg
Communications Manager of MTÜ Eesti Metsaselts
+372 514 0382

Aigar Kallas
Chairman of the Management Board of RMK
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