01.07.2008 - The Estonian Society of Foresters handed Elistvere Animal Park over to RMK 05.10

On Tuesday, 1 July, the foundation MTÜ Eesti Metsaselts gave Elistvere Animal Park, which is located in Jõgeva County, to the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

“RMK recognises the Estonian Society of Foresters for the great work they have done and promises the continued development of the animal park in the future, an abundance of food for the animals and a secure job for the employees of the park,” said Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, upon taking over the animal park.

Today, Member of the Management Board of the Estonian Society of Foresters, Kaupo Ilmet, and the Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, Aigar Kallas, signed an agreement at Elistvere for the transfer of Elistvere Animal Park to RMK. Elistvere Animal Park will now belong to the Tartu-Jõgeva recreation area of RMK. All current employees will continue their work within RMK. The hours of operation and the ticket prices of the animal park will remain the same.

Elistvere Animal Park was founded in 1997 by the Estonian Society of Foresters at the initiative of Kaupo Ilmet, who was president at the time. By today, Elistvere Animal Park has become the natural site with the highest number of visitors in the rural area. “If 11 years ago, Elistvere was an abandoned place, visited only by a few travellers, then now, every Estonian knows it,” said Kaupo Ilmet.

MTÜ Eesti Metsaselts is a non-profit association that joins together all forestry interest groups. The purpose of the activities of the association is the joining of forestry workers and people with similar views interested in forestry for cooperation in developing Estonian forestry and using and protecting the forests.

RMK, the manager of the state forest, is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, the main task of which is the sustainable and efficient management of the state forest: forest renewal, growing and use, and organisation of forest protection. RMK organises game upkeep in the state forest, and ensures forest use related to every man’s right. RMK manages about 40% of Estonian forests.

Additional information:
Marge Rammo
Head of the Nature Preservation Department of RMK
Tel: +372 513 7035
E-mail: marge.rammormk.ee

Heiki Hepner
President of the Estonian Society of Foresters
Tel: +372 502 7325
E-mail: heikihepner@hot.ee