“Protection and Recovery of the Baltic Sturgeon” on the day of open fishing harbors

The Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Fisheries Information Center organized the 5th day of open fishing harbors on April 29. Approximately 30,000 people visited the festival held in 26 fishing ports across Estonia this year. It was a good opportunity to present to the general public and people interested in fish and coastal life the plans for restoring the Baltic sturgeon population and related activities. We participated in the ports of Toila, Leppneeme and Pärnu, where there were approximately 1,000, 3,500 and 3,000 visitors respectively. 

We showed young sturgeon growing in Põlula, talked about the history of Baltic sturgeon, the sturgeon tagging program and cooperation, and also conducted a survey. There is a lot of interest and support for the implementation of the project!